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Private Car Insurance Quotes for Singapore

Private motor insurance is required for any motor car used for social and pleasure purposes and must be taken out by the registered owner. At Best Car Insurance, we offer Singapore motorists the most appropriate, convenient and one-stop solution to find out how much their motor insurance is really going to cost them. We offer a hassle-free approach to finding a policy that covers what you need at a price you love, helping you find the best quote.

What is private motor insurance?

A private motor insurance policy can be made up of three elements, each providing coverage for separate events – and in some cases, separate individuals:

Comprehensive car insurance coverage includes the full spectrum of coverage such as own damage cover, liability to third party, medical expenses and personal accident benefits.

Third Party Fire and Theft Cover protects your vehicle against loss or damage results directly from fire and theft and also covers against third party liabilities.

Lastly, Third Party Cover provides indemnity to the insured for third party liability.

Often policies are available with bonuses or extras applicable at additional cost. One may include benefits such as:

  • NCD Protector
  • Excess Waiver
  • Higher Medical Expenses or Personal Accident Coverage
  • Higher Flood Protection
  • Overseas Protector (For Travellers)
  • And others

It is against the law in Singapore to drive a vehicle without a valid car insurance plan This seeks to reimburse any body injury of third party and provides you with coverage against financial losses that may result from an accident.

Get motor car insurance quotes for your private or commercial vehicles

At Best Car Insurance Portal, we will source for the right insurance at the best possible price for you. Make an enquiry today and find out why more people in Singapore walk away satisfied with our quotes. Help us save you money now and in the long-run.  Simply complete our online form and our representative will get back to you within one working day.