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Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Singapore Enterprise

Commercial motor insurance is required for motor car used for commercial or business purposes and is usually used by the owner of the vehicle or his authorized employees.

At Best Car Insurance, we make it fast and easy for Singapore business-owners to find the most suitable policy for their vehicles. Our simple application process puts the most affordable rates in front of you as quickly as possible, making protecting your fleet simple.

What is commercial motor insurance?

The 3 main types of commercial vehicle insurance are:

Third Party Cover which provides indemnity to the insured for third party liability. Please note that this does not provide any coverage for the policyholder’s vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft Cover protects your vehicle against loss or damage results directly from fire and theft and also cover against third party liability.

Lastly the comprehensive motor insurance covers the full spectrum of coverage such as own damage cover, liability to third party, medical expenses and personal accident benefits.

The smarter choice for business owners

Best Car Insurance can source the right insurance at the best possible price for you. One of our team will examine the market and find you the most affordable policy that covers your needs, before getting in touch with you to discuss it further. Allow us to simplify the process of finding quality insurance at the best price – start a conversation with our staff today to find out what we can do for you.   

Simply complete our online form and our representative will get back to you within one working day. Check out our attractive deal if you have a fleet of commercial vehicles to be quoted at the same time.

Any questions? Call us on +65 6316 6618 to speak to one of our consultants, or email us your questions at and we’ll be in touch.